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One Step To A Mill


The love story in Holes is so underrated.


Panda Portrait | WF


If she texts you, text her back. If she wants to hang with you, hang with her. If she wants to talk to you, talk to her. If she wants to hug you, hug her. If she wants to hold your hand, let her. just because she’s yours at the moment, doesn’t mean she will be in the future. treat her right or someone else will.


The Weeknd - King Of The Fall


I carry your heart with me. I am never without it, anywhere I go you go. You are whatever the moon was meant to be, and if the sun could sing, it too is you…I carry your heart because I carry it in my heart.

E.E. Cummings



3/100 attractive black men Michael Ealy

Fuck yes he is sexy


Iggy Azalea

Gym class Heroes

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